She’s mad but she’s magic.
There’s no lie in her fire.
Charles Bukowski

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You don’t need another human being to make your life complete, but let’s be honest: having your wounds kissed by someone who doesn’t see them as disasters in your soul, but fractures to pour their love into, is the most beautiful thing in this world.

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so I just spent two hours battling Team Galactic in Pokemon Diamond. I scaled the heights of Mt Coronet and pushed my pokemon to the absolute limit. after this, I battled their ultimate leader and smashed him as well. following this, I caught the legendary Sinnoh pokemon, Dialga in one fell swoop. so it’s safe to say me and my pokemon were pretty drained. i leave Mt Coronet onto route 207 (or whatever) and as i run to my nearest pokecenter, BATTLE GIRL BECKY decides she wants to battle me with her level 15 fucking Machop. suck it Becky.

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tonight, i confessed something to a friend, words that i never expected to leave my mouth. at least not for a few years, yet. i surprised myself but i meant it wholeheartedly.

this level of happiness should be utterly illegal :)